‘Dispute on federalism halted statute writing’

DAILEKH: The serious debate on federalism was the main cause for not drafting the constitution in the country, an anti-federalist leader has said. Chairman of Rastriya Janamorcha Party, a party with few seats in the dissolved CA, said federalism was the main bone of contention among the parties represented in the CA.

KC is in Dailekh to address a mass meeting of opposition political parties scheduled for Friday. On the occasion, KC said the ongoing anti-government demonstration is not for government change rather to end rampant corruption and impunity.

“The ruling parties coming on the streets denotes its speedy downfall,” KC said. Saying that press freedom was the on oxygen in a democracy, KC said the Prime Minister and Attorney General were trying to weaken the judicious system by giving orders to halt the statement of murder accused of Dailekh-based journalist Dekendra Raj Thapa.