Bhattarai-led government has not morality to hold CA elections, Deuba says

sher bahadur deuba with rishi dhamala

ITAHARI: Nepali Congress senior leader Sher Bahadur Deuba today said the current government has lost morality to lead the election government.

The former prime minister said almost all the constitutional bodies have been vacant due to the Maoists’ design and also holding the CA elections at this situation was almost impossible.

Deuba urged the commoners to join the anti-government protest to topple the current government saying the country was in the path of a failure state due to the current government.

“The NC and other opposition parties have started the street protests for toppling the Dr. Bhattarai-led government. The unity government is only eligible for holding the fresh CA election,” Deuba said addressing the party cadres in Itahari.