Nepal opposition bigwigs boycott Maoist jumboree


KATHMANDU: Nepal’s lead politician from the Opposition camp have boycotted the ongoing seventh general convention of the ruling UCPN Maoist.

Senior leaders of major political parties- Nepali Congress and CPN UML – denied to participate in athe opening session of the UCPN Maoist which presently claims to be the largest party in the nation.

Leaders of both parties have excused themselves from the general convention citing prior engagement in party’s internal affairs and launching of anti-government agitating across the nation.

NC President Sushil Koirala has been in the mid -western region of the nation in launching anti-government agitation in the hilly and terai districts. He is slated to address a mass gathering of all opposition parties in Surkhet today.

Similarly, CPN UML Chairman Jhalnath Khanal is heading for Eastern region of the nation on Saturday to address similar mass gatherings in that region.

He is scheduled a mass gathering in Biratnagar on Saturday.

Despite confrontation between ideologies, political parties parties participate in each others general conventions as invitees.

However Nepal’s lead politician broke away from this political diplomacy citing necessity to launch agitation against the government led by the UCPN Maoist itself.