Oli says congress should provide Koirala’s alternative, if necessary


NEPALGUNJ: CPN UML leader K P Oli has ridiculed the UCPN Maoist proposal to form government in the leadership of an independent personality.

The flamboyant UML leader, who is known for his satire, claimed that the forming the much hyped national consensus government in Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala is the best option to resolve political deadlock.

Stating that only a neutral and matured politician like the NC President is capable to deliver the nation from the transition, Oli said that a government formed by undermining political parties cannot deliver political solutions.

Extending the argument further, Oli said that even if political parties don’t agree on Sushil’s candidacy, then NC should provide another candidate for the stint.

Speaking at a program organized by Press Chautari refuted the UCPN Maoist claims that the opposition parties were hindering the consensus formation process to avert general elections and asserted that the latter were themselves afraid of polls.

He reiterated his stance that the CA elections cannot be held in the leadership of the incumbent Bhattarai led government and ruled out the possibility of participating in the government stating that it would be mean ‘surrender-ism’ for the opposition parties.