Pakistan’s Veena redefines ‘hot scenes’ in her new flick


One of the most controversial magazine cover girl in Bollywood, Veena Malik has once created sensations in the industry. And as you have already guessed this time also its about her hot body!.

The Pakistan origin actress turned model, bared off her skin to the audience and to her co stars in the horror one-night 3D movie. Well of course, she is the sexy Hindi movie ghost who seems to have been seduced, betrayed and murdered.

And of course what follows is her revenge which she takes on a Good Friday outing of the five fridays. The picture is dark..but she seems to be hot even in the darkness, in the promo released recently.

Hemant Madhukar is the man who has directed this movie and told to an Indian news portal that the horror will be a instant hit to the audience that now look for a chilling 3D.

So run through the trailer of the movie and tell us what you feel about it!Veena Malik Hot Bed Scene