Jal Shah: Nepali bold actress intending come back


Everyone and everything in this world has heyday. Nepali hotty Jal Shah cannot be an exception to this. It was not long ago when this actress bared off some of her glowing skin to the conservative Nepali audience on the Kollywood silver screen. Making herself the hottest and tempting cake in the industry to not to look.

But as said earlier, her days seem to be numbered out. In her quest to seek stability in her life, Shah darted to the US and there she married and her matrimony blessed her with a daughter. After her

disappearance till now, thats her achievement.

So irked of sitting in the US, now Jal Shah is intending to return back to Nepal. Why ? Well of course no one would care to see her on their screen, except her old fans and admirers.

Its purely business and professionalism. She is returning home and not only for her love of her beloved nation but to claim back some faction of her lost stardom!.

In her six months stay, she has plans to act in a movie (thats her plan, its not yet certain which), she will be acting in music videos (that sounds reasonable) and of course will be opening herself for some luck photographer.

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As of now we don’t know whether anyone will approach her or not. What do you think…leave a line below for us to know!