Nepal’s top Maoist retorts back at opposition, demands serious consideration

Puspa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda"

KATHMANDU: UCPN Maoist chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal has ruled out options other then forming a Chief Justice led consensus government to resolve ongoing political deadlock.

Speaking to journos on Saturday morning, a day after prevailing as the chairman of the party, Prachanda said that the opposition parties were resorting to confrontation by rejecting his party’s offer to form consenus government in the leadership of incumbent Chief Justice.

He said that other option to the proposal can be agitation. ” If the opposition parties do not accept forming CJ-led consensus, there is no other option then launching nation wide agitation,” Prachanda said driving home his point that the party would not inch off from its proposal.

However the opposition party leaders on Friday have trashed the proposal claiming that it was UCPN Maoist’s and thereby of Prachanda’s new strategy to extend the stay in government and jeopardising power balance between state apparatus.

Durin their first common mass meeting at the center of the capital, which witnessed sparse public, majority of the opposition leaders have denied to accept the Maoist proposal.

Prachanda’s saturday morning’s response came as a retort for the opposition party leaders, who have been demanding forming the consenus government in their leadership.

During the press meet, Prachanda asserted that the opposition parties were resorting to escalate confrontation in the nation and urged them to accept the proposal so as to hold CA elections in the spring.

Terming the whole opposition protests and rallies across the nation as a political stunt to win the upcoming elections, Prachanda said,

they too have their own problems, without creating any noise how can they face the public in the elections.

On the occasion, Prachanda praised his own strategies while bagging the credit for what he called the successful launch and resolution of the people’s war and even claimed that his present capitalist revolution strategy will be also a success in the days ahead.