Prachanda’s new proposal has four cards- two old & two new


KATHMANDU: With increasing political tensions between parties, four alternative names have been prepared by UCPN Maoist supremo Puspa Kamal Dahal.

The names of these alternative candidates were prepared in line with his promise to roll out new solutions after completing the party’s general convention.

According to reliable sources within his party, Baburam Bhattarai is one of the two already proposed and first priority of the party. And this time around also Prachanda is expected to field for garnering consensus in his favour.

If the political parties agree on an independent candidate, then the power brokers have centred on Chief Justice Khila Raj Regmi’s name.

Thirdly if both of these alternatives fail, the Madhesh based parties have been been chosen to lead the government and from there Mahant Thakur has been chosen as a suitable alternative.

And if all these alternatives fail to appease the opposition, then the ruling coalition has decided to forward Nepal Parivar Dal’s Eknath Dhakal to lead the consensus government.

Sources within the UCPN Maoist confirmed that the the Prachanda will be forwarding these names during the all party meeting slated to kick off from Sunday.

Source claimed that the any of these candidates supported by the opposition will be picked up as the Prime Minister for the consensus government.

Though Dhakal and Regmi are new names in the proposal, the opposition parties have already denied to accept BRB and Thakur’s leadership for the consensus government.

Even picking Chief Justice for the job has been confronted by the opposition stating that it would lead to the failure of multiparty democracy.

As for Thakur, he has been facing hard times from within the Madheshi Morcha where coordinator Bijay Kumar Gachadar has been fielding for a long time now to get a promotion.

Deeper inside political parties have expressed fear that having a PM from the other side forced them loss in the upcoming elections. And with this underlying concept, both opposition and ruling parties don’t seem to be coming near to a resolution.

Now, Dhakal who seems to be a comparative new figure in politics, has gained some popularity from his recent speech at the mass meeting organised by the ruling allies recently.

Besides his appeasing rhetorics at the mass meeting, political parties might also consider his party as non-threat given the small size of the party itself.

Dhakal however denied of any preparations to lead the consensus government. When contacted he said that so far he has not been approached with the proposal.