Nepal Gossips: Sumina dashes off to Malaysia with her director


Film industry and gossips are two things we cannot detach. Lately a new gossip is being circulated in Nepal’s small film industry. Its about actress Sumina Ghimire and producer of her recent flick Nine O’Clock- Ramesh Sambedna.

Those near the couple term their relationship as ‘unnecessarily close’, and though they don’t express any explicit suggestion on any thing brewing between them, a recent fact has made them smile a mischievous smile.

The fact is that Ramesh flew off to one of Asia’s hottest tourist destination- Malaysia with Sumina. Well one might say, what is in that he might have gone there to promote his movie with his lead actress.

Yes, there is a point in that. But wait there is another fact that will make you smile too. Ramesh had told his team members that he is going to India and NOT malaysia.

More to it was the way Sumina started behaving with Ramesh as soon as they were inside the Tribhuvan International Airport. A witness said on conditions of anonymity that she was walking with her whole arms in Ramesh. Well of course, the witness did not see anything in Malaysia, far away from the maddening crowd in Nepal.

And yet another fact to counter the supposed claims is that the team members of the movie said that they don’t have any promotional plans or events in Malaysia and ruled out the possibility that the couple is promoting movies in Malaysia.

Some additional facts about their relationships. When Sumina recently bought a 7.5 bungalow in Kathmandu, rumours were rife that Ramesh had opened his pocket for her lead actress.

Some additional facts about Sumina: In her earlier movie Rang, Sumina had a very close relationship with producer Roshan Hamal and had managed to remain as a hot topic for gossips.

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