Nepal political parties agree to form apolitical consensus government

Kathmandu: Nepal’s major political parties after a long haul agreed to form the much hyped consensus government in the leadership of an apolitical figure.

A meeting of the lead political parties in the capital took such a decision with an understanding to hold CA polls on May 28 under the leadership of such an apolitical leadership.

Speaking to journos after the meeting, UCPN Maoist supremo Prachanda confirmed the report stating that the understanding was reached after parties agreed that the the apolitical government will hold the CA elections.

” Name of the candidate will be decided during consultations with the President in the evening,” Prachanda added. Parties have agreed to hold discussion with President Dr Ram Baran Yadav in the evening today to brief him about the developments of the meeting.

The meeting is due 5 in the evening.

Exiting the meeting, Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai expressed hope that parties will be able to agree on an independent candidate in evening’s meeting today for holding CA elections on May 28.

Bhattarai also said that poltiical parties had never inched so close on basis to create conducive environment for conesnsus.

However parties have not reached consensus on any particular apolitical figure to lead the cosnensus government. Neither have opposition parties- Nepali Congress and CPN UML- have agreed on UCPN Moaist proposal to form government in the leadership of Chief Justice or any former Chief Justice.

Both NC and UML have called separate meetings of their party’s office bearers to discuss the agenda. Informed sources claimed that NC and UML did not reject the CJ led consensus government proposal and had centered on the constitutional crisis if the government leadership is handed to CJ.

The source further expressed optimism that opposition parties might agree with the proposal to put CJ in the PM’s post to lead consensus government.