Election date on May 29, PM reveals

Baburam Bhattarai Maoist leader

CHITWAN: Giving a new twist to the political deadlock, the political parties have agreed to hold a fresh election to the CA on May 29 this year by forming the Chief Justice-led government, multiple sources claimed.

Nepal’s Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai, who has arrived in Chitwan today, also confirmed this saying that the parties reached this conclusion after they rejected each other’s leadership.

But, some technical issues are yet to be resolved over this issue, the PM told reporters at a press conference organized by the Revolutionary Journalists’ Association, Chitwan, in Bharatpur Airport.

“We are in favor of a package deal. Constitution should be amended to form the CJ-led government as the Interim Constitution has not stated this provision. We need constitution amendment in at least 10/15 points,” the PM said.

The PM is attending the golden jubilee celebration of Bal Kumari Higher Secondary School in Bharatpur today.

Earlier today, top leaders of major political parties have agreed to form the much hyped consensus government under the leadership of an apolitical figure, most probably the sitting Chief Justice.

A meeting of the major political parties in the capital took such a decision with an understanding to hold CA polls on May 28 under the leadership of such an apolitical leadership.