President should be pressurised for outlet

Nepal Vice President Parmananda Jha

SOLUKHUMBU: Vice President Parmanand Jha has asserted that the President should be pressured to provide outlet to ongoing political impasse.

Speaking at the golden jubile ceremony of Tak Sindhu secondary school, Solukhumbu VP Jha said that Nepalese should pressure the President from all districts to act if political parties fail to come up with a resolution.
Stating that the primary responsibility to find resolution to crisis was of political parties, he claimed that ongoing status quo was due to partisan stance of political parties themselves.
He asserted that the Nepalese people were looking for election, the VP called on parties to form election government through consensus at the earliest.

Speaking at the same program, President of Reporters Club Nepal, Rishi Dhamala called on making educational sector a non-political zone.

Dhamala further said that commercialisation of education should be stopped to make education widely available to all Nepalese.