Nepal’s lover spot imports 60K roses on valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day, 2013: Today, love is all around us and what could be more fascinating to present a rose to your love. Yes thats been the most natural way to express your love for your beau.

Responding to the natural relevance of roses in proposing, a small town near Nepal’s capital also imported over 2 thousand roses from Kathmandu.

Banepa, which hosts the prestigious and posh Kathmandu University and is famous for its rich and beutiful gardens and parks, imported those roses considering huge sways of lovers that it recieves every year.

Due to proximity with kathmandu, which lacks a proper lovers park or something like that, love birds fly to Banepa in search of peace and love.

Business personal are quick to catch the wave, and major shops in Banepa, Dhulikhel and Panauti imported red roses from capital.

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since circa 350 in memory of Saint Valentine who was sentenced to death by Italian dictator Claudius.