Asin wants to work with younger actors of her generation

MUMBAI: Bollywood actress Asin who made an impressive acting debut with Ghajini says that she is not satisfied with the kind of roles she is currently doing as an actor.

Currently no. I feel there is a lot more to me that has so far not been seen in  Bollywood and I find it funny when they say that you are the lucky mascot and part of the 100-crore club, though that does not define me. I got time to sit and think and relax when recently I took this backpacking trip with my school friends to the US.”

In an interview, she has said that she has not taken a proper holiday and looking back at last year. “I realised that I have been running non-stop for just being in the same place. It did not give me the satisfaction I wanted, even though I have no regrets in having done the so-called 100 crore films. Now that I have the numbers, I want to take up roles where I get to act,” Asin added.

She has also agreed that she has come down as an actress after Ghajini. “Yes. After Ghajini, I wanted to take up roles which were meatier and better than my debut film, but I was not happy with what I was offered at that time. For a while, even though I got flooded with offers, I chose not to be a part of them. But I was new to Bollywood and was advised to take up the big films with the Khans and the Kumars which I did, thinking probably this is the way this industry works.”

As a newcomer, she was getting the opportunity to work with the big actors, even though usually as a newcomer one needs to work one’s way up, to achieve that, she said.