UML leader says embassies forced parties to form CJ-led government

CPN UML leader Pradip Nepal Facebook Status

KATHMANDU: A senior leader of CPN UML has revealed that the proposal to form electoral government in Chief justice Khilaraj Regmi’s leadership was floated by some key embassies in Kathmandu.

Leader Pradip Gyanwali took to his Facebook page and wrote that the he was shocked to know that the CJ-led government formation proposal was not floated by UCPN Maoist Chairman Prachanda.

He claimed that the decision was forced upon Nepali politicians by key Eurpean embassies along with the Indian and American embassies in his Facebook post that he wrote a day after he formally declared to not participate in party’s activities for three months ahead.

” I was shocked on Friday when i learned the factors that led to the decision to handover the leadership of electoral government to chief justice,” Nepal wrote in his Facebook status.

They (his party leaders) said that the pressure to make Chief Justice as the Prime Minister did not came from Prachanda, but came from the European Union, India and America.

Nepal further stated that the Nepalese politicians were threatened to stop all aid by the European union in his status referring to his party members.

At the end Nepal called on his Facebook friends to act if they are concerned about Nepal while expressing worries that that nation will be Bhutanized– a reference to the conception that Bhutan has been colonised by India.