Nepal’s Chief Justice rolls out four conditions taking political parties by surprise

Baburam Bhattarai Khilaraj Regmi

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Chie Justice on Sunday shocked political parties at a top level meeting held at the President’s residence by forwarding his four conditions to lead the electoral government.

During the meeting attended by senior leaders of four major political parties- UCPN Maoist, Nepali Congress, CPN UML and Madheshi Morcha, – and President Ram Baran Yadav, CJ Khilaraj Regmi forwarded his own terms to lead the electoral government as proposed by the parties.

Of these four conditions, Regmi asked for the incumbent Prime Minister to stay out of the proposed high level steering committee that is supposed to look after the government’s activities and provide it political support.

Secondly, Regmi demanded that the politician involved steering committee should not interfere into day to day affairs of the electoral government giving it space to act on its own accord.

Thirdly, Regmi denied to lead the government if parties fixed a date for CA elections. He asked political parties to give the authority of fixing the election date to the electoral government itself.

And in the fourth condition, Regmi demanded that the participants of the electoral government’s cabinet should all be apolitical.

During the meeting, knowledgeable source further informed that the Regmi expressed his dissatisfaction for all the rules and restrictions that political parties were trying to impose upon him.

Additionally, he also asked for guarantee from the political parties that they would go for election on the said date if he had to lead the electoral government.