Two Nepalese rights activist backing Free Tibet Movement

sudip pathak Kapil shrestha free tibet movement

KATHMANDU: While the nation has one China policy as the bed rock of its bilateral relationship with China, two Nepali human rights activists have been openly assisting the Free Tibetan Movement.

The movement backed by the Western nations has been a major threat to the Chinese side and consecutive Nepali government since the monarchy era have opposed to allow the use of Nepali soil to be used against its Northern neighbor.

However, Nepal Human Rights Organization President Sudeep Pathak and Kapil Shrestha have a different opinion on the issue that propels them to participate movement’s actitivities in Nepal.

Nepali vernacular national daily, The Saurya Dainik, reported that though Pathak had earlier denied any involvment in the movement, he recently agreed to it when the newspaper produced an image that pictured him participating in a meeting with the Free Tibet Movement activists.

” I am not related to the Tibetan refugees therefore there is no chance of participating in their meetings,” Pathak was quoted saying earlier to the newspaper while challenging to produce evidence if otherwise.

But he changed his statement as soon as the newspaper produced the image.

I am a pacifist. I will participate in any program that is related to pacifism.Like the sunshine, the world is aware of that,

Pathak was quoted.

Pathak’s claims that the movement has been pacifist is however controversial given the self-immolation trend taken by the Tibetan refugees. Recently a Tibetan Refugee had self immolated in the center of Kathmandu.

However another human rights activist Shrestha did not bother to conceal his participation in the movement. Shreshtha said,

Its my duty to participate in any program that is related to human rights. If the Chinese government had not violated human rights, then why would hundreds of Tibetan self immolate?”Shrestha said adding, “some of Chinese agents can object to my allegiance, but i don’t care about them.”

Quoting anonymous sources, the newspaper further reported that both Pathak and Shrestha receive massive funds from India based Potala monastery sourced from the United States.

Adding to it, the duo has also been reported to have been in regular contact with Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.