Nisha Adhikari: Her Past, Her present and Her Future Plans

Kollywood diva Nisha Adhikari has been famous in Nepal’s small yet highly competitive film industry. Despite being a double graduate in business and social sciences from some of most prestigious universities in the world, she chose an highly challenging career.

Reporters Nepal dot com recently managed to get some time from her busy schedule-which she divides between a corporate house and her movies- to inquire about her love and life relationship. Here are the edited exceprts of her bio and of course her persona as a daughter, as a sister, as a member of our society, as a marketing professional, as an actress and as a hot unmarried girl.

Nisha is presently associated with Presidential Plam as a marketing consultant which involves assignments such as employee recruitment, advertising, office set up among others. This is her third stint in the field and she says that she loves her work.

Love Life

This 26 year old most sought after actress has not made any valentines so far. During this years valentine too she was buried in her office papers. And more to that she has not yet made any plans in that direction. Why? Simple her elder brother (senior by four and half years) is yet to get married. Luckily he will be engaged this year and then its Nisha’s turn.

She says that her family has not approached her for getting married so far and with joy she says that she has plans to complete her post graduation and pin down a direction for her future career.

Responding to question about her thoughts on marriage, Nisha says that marriage is not an issue to contemplate. ” There is no age for love and marriage. It can happen any time. And of course we all have the right to do it.”

She isnt dating anyone and says that she has been to buried in her work for responding to any proposals. She is satisfied with her work and claims that she had rejected a love proposal while she was studying A level. And that was the first and last time she had a coffee with a boy who wanted to be her boyfriend. But that was also rejecting, not accepting.

Criteria for her life partner:

Though she has not been in an love affair so far, she certainly has made some criteria to choose one when the right time comes knocking on her heart’s door. The guy should be simple and civilized. Besides he should be adequately educated, should respect everyone’s work and should be able to understand her feelings and of course work.

For her lover marriage is just simply love between two humans but is a relationship between two families, communities and societies.

Despite being not in an affair so far, Nisha prioritizes love marriage over arrange marriage. She looks forward to marry a guy by taking his family’s consent.

Her Social Indulgences:

Nisha has been associated with a social service organization- Yuva Udan. Through this organization she has been contributing to the development and promoting creativeness among youths.


She was born at the Mission Hospital of Tansen, Palpa as daughter to father Khadag Bahadur Adhikari and mother Durga Adhikari. Her paternal home is in Lamjung and her maternal home is Palpa. Khadag Bahadur had served the United Mission to Nepal and her mother was a lecturer at Nursing Campus.

Her mother wanted to her to be a gynecologist but Nisha studied Business as major during her A level. She has completed double graduation in Business Economics and Politics. She has studied in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Germany and in the United States.

In US she has completed a short course in film studies.

Professional Career:

She had never thought of making a career in the film industry. And presently also she is not sure, if acting would be her profession in the days ahead.

She entered the glamour industry as a journalist and as beauty pageant. She won the title of Miss International 2005 and had participated in the first Miss International held in Japan.

After her interview on Nepal 1 Television she was approached for a music video that was directed by Bhushan Dahal. And later on Dahal offered her video jockey position in Kantipur Television.

From then on Nisha never turned back. She played in various music videos, advertisements, television serials, and later in movies- some of which were instant hits.

Kollywood Flicks

She made her debut in Kollywood through Mission Paisa as a lead actress. This action pack movie provided the best platform that suited her robust figure and all the muscle looks to her hot body. Result– she was the most sought after heroin in the town.

During this five year time frame, she has completed 11 movies that include First Love, Naina Resham, Apwaad, Maya’s Bazar, Dhuwa Yo Nasha, Mero Valentine, Mission Paisa Reloaded, Sungavha, Padmini among others.

For her recent flick, Sungavha, that tried to picture the life of lesbians in Nepali community, Nisha had stayed with actual lesbians so that she could learn their way of life and could incorporate them in the character.

In future she looks forward to perform the role a real time Nepali women character with all the colours of life that an average Nepali women receives in the society.

Following are some of the photos that we could get from the Internet and of course her facebook page. Enjoy!

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