Hardliner Maoist bring Nepal to standstill, vandalise press, tourist vehicles in capital

Maoist General Strike Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: Protesting against the agreement to form an electoral government in the leadership of Chief Justice, the CPN Maoist brought the nation to a grinding halt.
All academic institutions, public and private transportation, markets remained closed since early Tuesday morning.

Despite its assurance to allow press, ambulances and vehicles of diplomatic missions to run on the roads, Maoist band enforces vandalised press vehicles in Kathmandu.
Band enforcers vandalised a van ferrying press personals of Sagarmatha Television in Baneshwor Chowk.

Similarly, some band enforcers also vandalised a passenger bus ferrying tourists in front of Amrit Science Campus, Lainchour this morning.

Situation in the capital remained tense as police and band enforcers confronted each other.

A dozen of the party activists have been detained by the police on charges of forcefully enforcing the band in the capital.

The party enforced total shutdown throughout the nation stating that the major political parties were forming electoral government in the leadership of sitting Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi as directed by foreign power sources.

Along with that the party has accused the major political parties of forming the Regmi led government b going against the spirit of parliamentary democracy.