Major parties agree to amend agreement as per CJ’s will

Baburam Bhattarai Khilaraj Regmi

KATHMANDU: In an attempt to form electoral government in the leadership of Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi, senior leaders of major political parties have agreed to make suitable amendments.

A meeting of senior leaders of four major political parties held in the capital on Tuesday evening decided to make appropriate amendments to the nine point deal of electoral government reached between them on Monday night.

The decision came as a response to the CJ Regmi’s denial to take over the responsibility citing dissatisfaction with some provisions in the nine point agreement.

Before the discussions, PM Baburam Bhattarai had briefed the senior leaders about the CJ’s demands.

During the day time, CJ and the PM had held discussion on the same issue. After discussion on the issue, major parties have given the responsibility to discuss specific details with the CJ to senior leaders of the four parties.