Paras Shah still unconscious


KATHMANDU: Nepal’s former prince Paras Shah who is undergoing treatment at Bangkok-based Samitiveg Hospital after suffering a heart attack some days ago is yet to witness some progress in his health condition, sources said.

The forty-two-year old former crown price is receiving treatment at intensive care unit (ICU) and is still unconscious. However, doctors involved in the treatment of Shah have not revealed anything about the condition of the ailing former prince.

A CT scan was carried out on Thursday and the doctors are scheduled to conduct an MRI to find out further problems in the heart if there were.

Shah’s wife Himani is leaving for Thailand today while sister Prerana, cousin Puja and other relatives have already reached Bangkok to meet the ailing former prince. The former prince had been residing in the Thai capital for the past three years.

Earlier, he was arrested by the Thai police on charges of possessing illegal drugs and resorting to vandalism at his rented apartment.