Opposition youth leaders against CJ-led government

KATHMANDU: The youth leaders of the different opposition parties have slammed the proposal on constituting an election government under the leadership of the Chief Justice alleging that the top leaders of the four major parties brought that with the intention of putting off the election.

Speaking in the face-to-face programme organised by Reporters’ Club Nepal here today, they concluded that the proposal would further increase problems rather than giving way out to the present political and constitutional deadlock.

They argued that the proposal to appoint a person who is the Chief of the Judiciary to the post of Prime Minister would not only diminish the dignity of the post but would also make him controversial as an activist of a certain political party.

The youth leaders accused the top leaders of the three major parties and the United Democratic Madhesi Front of following a wrong path of finishing off democracy by neglecting the party’s majority views and decisions.

The leaders also denounced the proposal saying it was in contravention to the principle of separation of powers. They also came down heavily on the leadership of their parties for agreeing to this proposal floated by the Unified CPN (Maoist) neglecting the official decision of the party.

On the other hand, the youth leaders of the ruling parties have tried to defend the proposal stating that it was brought with the sincerity of taking a meaningful initiative for resolving the deadlock and arriving at a consensus.

They argued that the proposal of forming an election government under the leadership of the Chief Justice has come as a last resort to find a way out of the present political deadlock after one year of discussions and dialogue among the parties could not produce results.

“The Chief Justice has been proposed to head the election government not the Chief Justice as a person but due to the trust that the Supreme Court commands,” the youth leaders of the ruling parties said.

Nepali Congress youth leader Gagan Thapa said that the rank and file of the party was against the proposal.

Club’s Chairman Rishi Dhamala presided over the program.

Shakti Basnet of the UCPN (Maoist) said that his party was committed to the thinking that an outlet should be given to the country from the present political imbroglio by holding election to a new Constituent Assembly in time.

Youth leader of the CPN-Maoist Lekhnath Neupane said that a handful of leaders of the so-called major forces have landed the country to the present sorry state due to their ego-centric thinking and vested interests. The failure to give a constitution to the nation is a strong proof of the same, he said.

Manish Suman of the Sadbhavana Party said that the Chief Justice was proposed for leading the election government after the parties could not arrive at a consensus on the name of any leader of the political party.