NBA need not to panic on CJ-led government: Bamdev

BAGLUNG: Following far and against the CJ-led election government between the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) and political parties, an influential leader of the CPN-UML has challenged the legal practitioners’ umbrella organization to lead the election government if the CJ-led government was not acceptable for them.

UML Vice-chairman Bamdev Gatuam said the NBA should float best option if the CJ-led government was applicable. The major political parties have agreed in principle to form the CJ-led election government though some reservations. However, CJ Khil Raj Regmi himself is yet to formally accept the parties’ proposal.

“If the Bar does not accept the parties’ proposal, then let it run the government and also write the constitution”, Gautam said.

“Formation of the new government had nothing to do with the Bar,” Gautam said at a press conference in Baglung today.