Hopeful PM says country heads to CA elections

Baburam Bhattarai Maoist leader

KATHMANDU: Following green signal from the sitting Chief Justice to lead the election government, Nepal’s Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that next CA elections were sure to happen in the country as CJ Khil Raj Regmi has agreed to lead the new government.

Bhattarai said the meeting of political parties with CJ Regmi was very positive though the CJ had some reservations. “The meeting between top leaders of major political parties and the CJ is very positive. Now, the country heads towards elections,” the PM said.
The PM also hoped that country’s protracted deadlock would come to an end after the CA elections.

“The country will unconditionally head towards the election after the process for the same was moved ahead by removing legal and constitutional hindrances,” he added.