Nepal’s Chief Justice ready to head electoral government, green signal from apex court

Nepal Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi

KATHMANDU: Resolving the ongoing political stalemate in the nation, Nepal’s Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi on Monday clarified that he was ready to lead the electoral government as proposed by political parties.

During his talks with senior leaders of major political parties on Monday morning, CJ Regmi had offered such a promise dispelling rumours that he would act against the request of politicians.

However during the meeting, Regmi had hinted towards waiting for Supreme Court’s hearing on a petition filed against Regmi’s leadership of the electoral government.

While exiting the meeting, leaders had some reservations against the success of their plan to form the electoral government in Regmi’s leadership considering the impending verdict of the apex court on the petition.

But they did not had to wait long. Breaking its silence on the issue, the Supreme Court organised a press conference later today and announced that CJ Regmi would head the electoral government.

A press release issued on the occasion, stated that CJ had taken the decision after duly considering the need to resolve ongoing constitutional and political crisis in the country.

The release has further claimed that future course to materialise the political understanding will be decided after considering the understanding reached at the political level, resolution of legal and constitutional hurdles, and by highly prioritising rule of law.