Controversial decisions of Bhattarai-led government should be revoked: Dr Mahat

KATHMANDU: Former finance minister and influential leader of the Nepali Congress Ram Shara Mahat has said that the new government should revoke all the controversial decisions of the Bhattarai-led government that finished the state coffers.

Speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters Club in the capital today, Mahat said the Bhattarai-led government is planning to make major transfers decisions aiming to influence the election and favour the party cadres.

“New government should revoke such decisions,” Mahat said.

Appointments in Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project and Narsinghgadh Hydropower Project, purchase of unnecessary aircrafts, airport construction in Pokhara and some others should be revoked, said Mahat, a vocal critique of the Maoist.

Saying that the Bhattarai-led government was doing many decisions by challenging the rules and regulations, Mahat said this government is making appointments to the party cadres and nearer ones to influence the election results.