Parties inviting Panchayat system

BIRATNAGAR: Nepal Workers and Peasants Party Chairman Narayan Man Bijukchhe has said that the country was heading to Panchayat system, thanks to unity among the ruling and opponent political parties.

“Forming the CJ-led election government is like welcoming dictatorship in the country,” he said.

Speaking at a program organized by the party’s District Committee on Thursday, Bijukchhe said formation of the CJ-led government an imported idea from India as the southern neighbor was for a pro-India government in Nepal. “Parties’ latest decision is the result of an agreement signed in New Delhi,” he accused.

He said his party was in favor of either the Presidential system or the government under the leadership of an independent figure.

He also said that CJ-led government would be against political belief as giving leadership of the judiciary, executive, and legislature by a single person would challenge the theory of power separations.