CJ Regmi should not resign for heading election government, Nilambar says

KATHMANDU: At a time when some Nepali Congress leaders were seeking Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi’s resignation before giving him the leadership of an election government, former President of the CA’s constitutional committee and NC leader Nilambar Acharya today said that forming such government by forcing the CJ to step down from the judiciary was irrelevant.

“Giving leadership of the election government by forcing CJ to resign is irrelevant as he is he trusted and independent figure in the eye of state,” Acharya said.

Speaking at an interaction program at the Reporters Club today, Acharya said there was no difference in giving government leadership to Regmi or former CJ if sitting CJ Regmi was asked to resign.

Club’s Chairman Rishi Dhamal presided over the program.

He said the parties should accept the CJ-led government as it was like a medicine despite its bitterness in taste. Acharya however said debates on CJ-led government should be taken naturally due to its seriousness.

“There is no meaning of raising issue of power separations. Independent judiciary would not be destabilized as the CJ cannot take look after the cases that occurred during his premiership in the court.”

On the occasion, a book titled “Mero Khoj Tapaiko Safalata” penned by Ram Nepal was released.

Acharya and Club’s Dhamala jointly released the book.

Commenting on the book, Dhamala said positive thoughts would result in positive outcome and expressed confidence that this book help build positive thoughts among the readers.

Writers Krishna Dharabasi and Dr Madhav Bhattarai also commented on the book.