Nepal’s hardliner communist party’s secy warns of political mess if CJ-led government formed

KATHMANDU: Secretary of CPN-Maoist Netra Bikram Chand today warned of political mess if the Chief Justice-led government was constituted.

“Political confrontation is sure to happen and country could be pushed to mess if the CJ-led government war formed by sideling the political forces,” Chanda an ultra leftist leader said on Sunday at a press meet organized by Revolutionary Journalists’ Association.

Chand also traded charges against the big four political parties saying that they were making attempts to invite confrontation and authoritarianism in the country by handing over the job of executive to the head of judiciary.

He said fresh Constituency Assembly election could be held by mid June if all the political parties were sincere. But, this is not likely from the parties’ side as they were not ready for the polls, he added.