Singer K Khatri not in mood to tight knot right away


Nepali youth or to say dashing singer Kamal Khatri has been a hit among music lovers and of course among teens that are crazy for his looks and songs alike. This dashing originally from the eastern Nepal-Sarlahi, created ripples in Nepali music industry through his “Nakkali Maiya” followed by huge success in “Sustari Sustari”. He has already shot up as a rising star and now looks forward to dive deep into the glamor industry. Nepali Newspaper Nagarik Dainik tried to dig out some professional and personal details of this singer who is presently in his late teens. Read the remainder below, main point is he has NO plans to get married anytime soon. He wants to focus on career.

You are very busy right nowadays?

Yes. since Dashain, I have been busy .I have to manage recording, composition and all programs .Often I think my mind will go hang because of overburden.

… so what? Earning good amounts of bucks?
Ha ha ha..Might be but shower of love of audiences is bestowed upon me.

What is happening with your songs and musics? When’ll you be launching your third album?
I have sung a duet song with Rekha didi (Rekha shah) .It’s video is being worked upon. Other songs are also being recorded .Some mixing, arrangement so on and so forth. The rhythm and humming of” aatmama” is being included in “tukreko mutu ”and this is going to be launched but this time album’ll not be launched.
Why so?
Launching album is not profitable. It’ll cast a shadow in other songs except promotional songs. So, if launched in seriatim, then each song would be justified.

Is this true that you used to work in studio?

Yes..In B.S 2059, I entered Kathmandu from Sarlahi in order to sing a song. But,let alone singing, I was not even able to earn my living. I urged one of my kin of Balaju and handed a recording mike, cables to be worked with as a job .I had great passion for singing a song. It was so depressing to arrange mike for other singers.

Then, what did you do?

After then, studios made me cry a lot. They used to soothe me saying that they’ll let me record my own song if I work there. I believed in that, but at last, nothing, everybody lingered me.  So much frustrated I was that I had also returned back to my village 2 or 3 times. But it used to make me realize that I am a quitter. So again, I came back to Kathmandu. Neither was I able to stay here or there .Had gone mad once… (Laughs)

DID you use to attend any classes of music or not?

I didn’t use to have even fares to pay for riding in bus. How could one possibly think of attending music classes?

How you come to know about “ETHOS BAND”and grow your relation?

While I was working in studio, I got to know Ajay Shumsher Rana. After having a talk, I came to know about his plan of opening a band and he was in seek of vocalist. After coming to know that I know singing, we started off with new band.

Hence after, you opened you fate to success?

same like that.” nakkali maya”,jhyalaima,sustari are some of the hit songs.

And now, you are lyricist, singer, composer, all in one. How would you like to be greeted?
I am singer. Of course, I write songs but I became composer, can say, due to my own unavoidable circumstances.

Is that? Please say explicitly.

I used to have songs. But, after presenting before composers, they used to say “good” and then no follow ups .I brainstormed myself then, thinking that, it is better to compose my songs by myself, I learnt composing too. Now, I am composing my as well as other’s songs too.

Is this true that your compositions are of same and similar patterns?
 No…I always am working upon to give a variety in my songs but nowadays love songs are in vogue .If my audience seeks for the same, and then it is futile to present other type of songs. Everybody has told me to sing the very song like”aatmama” after witnessing it’s hit.

Who is there in the “aatma” of the singer “aatmama”?
Only fans are there. Others   no one.

All fake things?
Actually, fans have told me not to marry .That’s why (laughs).

Are you going to be lifetime bachelor for your fans?

Not like that. Time has not come to give marriage a thought.

When the time will come then?

Just touching 17-18 years of age .Few years, let’s see.