South Korea mulling to employ 3600 Nepalese in 2013


KATHMANDU: The South Korean government has announced plans to recruit additional 3600 Nepalese workers to assist in its agricultural and industrial zone this year.

South Korea’s human resource development(HRD) made such announcements stating that the recruitment will be done through its Employment Permission System (EPS). 

A formal announcement in this regard is slated to be announced for May 29 later this year. However information posted on the department’s website has stated that along with Nepal, other seven countries will be also vying for the South Korean jobs.

Though these jobs are mostly controversial as more and more labor exploitation report keep pouring in from South Korea, nonetheless getting a job in that nation has been most sought after opportunity for unemployed Nepalese youths.

Ujbekistan, Timo Leste, Myanmar, Thailan, Indonesia, Phillipines and Mangolia will be competing in the KLT tests offered by the EPS department, Nepali newspaper Karobar Dainik reported on Wednesday.

As of 2013, of the total 2,600 Nepalese who had qualified for employment in South Korean farms, only 600 are left to join there. But some 9000 Nepalese who had qualified to work in industrial zone this year are still in the waiting list.



News compiled/translated/edited by Sabina Shrestha