Did Nepal’s late King Deependra had a mistress and a daughter that live on his Rs. 190 million?


KATHMANDU: Nepal got rid of its monarchy system nearly half decade ago but has still not dug out the property details of ex-monarchs- living and dead.

Nepal’s late King, Deependra Shah, has been recorded in history as the murderer turned notorious lover who not only massacred his whole family but also shot himself. But, before he was declared the King on his death bed, he was the prince and heir to the throne that has been accused of amassing billions of wealth from the state coffers. Where is that wealth? No one knows and no one has ever tried to dig out those details earnestly.

A recent report by a Nepali vernacular weekly, Janaastha, however brought to light a family feud that was reported to have been caused by the property of late King Deependra. The weekly reported that that Deependra’s personal security aide Tej Rana Karki’s London based family is having friction over the details of Deependra’s property that is rumoured to be somewhere around Rs 190 million.

Karki had fled to London after the Naryanhiti Massacre in which Deependra is said to have slaughtered his whole family. Though a successful businessman and owner of London based Lahure Security Guard suppliers, who supplies security guards to major banking institutions in Nepal and abroad, Karki is presently mired by feud with his wife- Taj Rana Karki.

Though there are no substantial evidence provided by the report, it is said that the Taj had some illicit connections with Deependra and that her daughter Aarushi resembles the looks of Deependra.

Some years back, this same weekly had made claims that Nepal’s King Birendra’s lineage had not ended. The weekly had claimed that, Deependra had a daughter, Aarushi, from an illicit affair.

Report runs that Tej has been upset with Taj for squandering massive money in buying jewelleries and puff and powders. But retorts back to this accusations by asking the details of Deependra’s property, which she claims was given to her.

“Where is His Majesty’s (Deependra Shah) property? Isn’t that mine too,” the 42 year old mother questions back claiming that Tej has been spending all her property (given to her by Deependra) on his family that resides in Nepal.

Tej’s parents reside in Kathmandu with his younger brother Raju, who runs some small business here. However its not the Taj doesnot have any sympathy for Raju. Due to higher connections in the Nepal Army, she had requested the then Chief of Army Staff Prajwal Sumsher Rana to provide security to Raju following the Narayanhitti Massacre.

But the general had trashed the plea questioning why he was neglected while His Majesty was alive, the weekly reported.

Following the massacre and security crisis, Taj had fled to London along with Tej and have been living there since then. This family dispute has once again rose the issue of investigating property details of long gone monarchy.

Translated by Sabina Shrestha | Read the original story here in Nepali