Former secys univocal on success of CA polls in June 21

KATHMANDU: Though the major political parties were open even to hold the CA election by mid-December, the former bureaucrats today said that the goal of holding the CA election by June 21 was attainable provided that political parties extended their full support for the election.

At an interaction program at the Reporters Club, they also said that the completion of the CA election depends on the degree of political parties’ support and commitments.

The former secretaries said that appointments in the Election Commission and necessary logistic support needed for the election should be managed immediately to meet the June 21 deadline.

Club’s Chairman Rishi Dhamala presided over the program.

During the program, former chief secretary Dr Bimal Koirala said the CA election by third week of June was possible if the major political parties extend their full supports.

Koirala said a peaceful environment for election should be created so that voters’ participation can be ensured in the election.

Koirala claimed that the former bureaucrats were capable of conducting the election under the leadership of the Chief Justice, as Nepal’s bureaucracy was always successful in crisis management.

“No stone should be left unturned to make the election a success for the cost of democracy and political stability,” Koirala said.

He also termed the anti-election demonstrations as normal ones.  

On the occasion, former secretary at the home ministry Khem Raj Regmi expressed satisfaction to the formation of the Interim Election Council under the leadership of sitting Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi and hoped that the Regmi-led Election Council would conduct the CA election in a free, fair and independent manner.

Likewise, another former secretary at the home ministry Umesh Mainali said formation of the Regmi-led government was the result of an unusual situation in the country.

Regmi argued that the CJ remains an independent and neutral until he remains in the top post of the judiciary and giving leadership to the sitting CJ was an appropriate decision of the political parties.

But, he said that CA election by June 21 was hard nut to crack as time would be quite insufficient for citizenship distribution, voters list update and printing of the voting papers. “In the first CA election, it took more than one and a half months only to print the voting paper. So, holding election by June 21 is a complex task,” he added.    

He even said the Nepal Army personnel too could be mobilized during the CA election as the army integration process was completed.

Also speaking at the same program, former secretary Umakanta Jha said people’s expectations would be fulfilled only through the election while another former secretary Trilochan Upreti asked all not to harbor doubt on the completion of the poll, thanks to commitment of major political parties.

Similarly, former member of the Public Service Commission and secretary at the ministry of children and social welfare Urmila Shrestha said the international practices of utilizing former government officials and administrators during the time of country’s difficulties was a relevant idea in Nepal too.

She opined that the former top officials’ leadership would give a wayout to the country’s deadlock from their long experiences.