NC young turk says CJ-led government a wrong decision


KATHMANDU: An influential youth leader of Nepali Congress has claimed that the forming electoral government in the leadership of Chief Justice was a wrong decision.

Speaking at a party program in Chitwan on Sunday, leader Gagan Thapa stated that the formation of CJ-led government has set the nation on a risky journey.

Expressing fear that the nation could enter a disastrous situation any time, he claimed holding CA elections before June-July is necessary to resolve the ongoing transitional crisis.

Forwarding the fact the the incumbent electoral government was formed through mutual understanding between political parties, Thapa expressed confidence to hold elections in the said time frame.

Speaking at the same program, NC General Secretary Prakash Man Singh said that the Chief Justice was appointed chairman of the electoral government on the basis of understanding reached between political parties.

KC said that the Maoist led government had failed to promulgate the new constitution and expressed hope that the new CA elections will provide Nepali Congress essential majority to draft the new constitution.