Nepal’s Election Commission demands 7bln for CA elections


KATHMANDU: Nepal’s election commission has requested the government to provide NRs 7 billion to hold the proposed CA elections in June-July.

Officials of the commission made such a request during a meeting with the Chairman of the interim government Khilaraj Regmi on Sunday.
While briefing Regmi of the preparations made by the EC to hold the CA elections, the EC officials also presented a breakdown of the budget required to hold the CA elections.

Along with monetary expenses, the EC officials have also urged the government to provide assistance in updating the voters list.
” We have asked for around NRs 7 billion budget,” EC spokesperson Anil Kumar Thakur said after the meeting adding, “we have also urged cooperation from political parties to hold the CA elections.”

Thakur expressed optimism to update the voters list by the end of May and added that the EC can meet the target only if political parties continue cooperating in that regard.

During the meeting, Regmi urged the EC officials to press on with the preparations while assuring them that the interim government was in talks with political parties to make conducive environment.