Nepal’s technocrat cabinet fails to appoint chiefs to constitutional organs

Nepal technocrat government interim electoral

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s incumbent technocrat cabinet on Tuesday failed to pave way for the appointment of chiefs to vacant constitutional organs.

Along with that the Khilaraj led interim government’s cabinet also failed to fix a date for holding constituent assembly elections., though the meeting was expected to take both decisions today.

As per the recent amendment made in the constitutions, the President will appoint chiefs and members to vacant constitutional organs as per the recommendations of the interim cabinet.

Minister for Information and Communications Madhav Dhungel informed that a date for the CA elections will be decided only after appointments to constitutional organs is finalized.

While not stating that as to till when the government will fulfill the vacant constitutional positions, Dhungel assured that the government is committed to hold CA elections on time by making appointments to Election Commission and other constitutional organs at the earliest.

However in today’s meeting, Chairman of the Interim electoral cabinet, Khilaraj Regmi directed his technocrat ministers for not taking double-privileges as facilitated by their twin ministerial portfolios.

Along with that the cabinet has decided to implement the cabinet’s code of conduct sternly. Adding to it the cabinet has decided to post all its executed and to-be-executed work on respective ministry’s website within 24 hours.

The meeting, first after the formation of the cabinet, has appointed Minister Dhungel as its spokesperson.