SUNNY LEONE ,very excited with the sequel of Ragini Sms

The Indian girl, Canadian porn star, Sunny Leone is in the verge of letting her career in Bollywood into a full swing like anything. The porn star who set her foot in this industry by debuting in Jism-2 has performed in the sequel of Ragini SMS from which she is extremely anticipating a huge leap to her fortune.


Sunny leone has tweeted in her wall saying that”In film Ragini Sms, she has given her best shot of exposing and for whom this is an entirely a unique experience. There are some interesting facts and gossips about this film, in which it is said that Sunny has increased her pitch to some extent in comparison to her previous one. Ragini sms2 is the sequel of Ekta Kapoor’s 2010 film “Ragini sms”and she has played as a lead actress in the 2nd sequel. Along with this, in this film, we‘ll be seeing a very aspiring actress of teleserial Sandhya Mridul and Anit Hasan Nandani in a very demanding role. Directed by Bhupen Patel, this film is going to be launched this October.