TU’s teaching hospital rejoices as Bhagwan’s return ensured


KATHMANDU: Most of the officials associated with the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital rejoiced on Sunday as the university’s council conceded to the demands of the institution’s director Dr Bhagwan Koirala.

Koirala had resigned from the post citing lack of proper working environment at the institutions and lack of autonomy to take its decision. Among others, he had demanded that the TUTH be given a autonomous status enabling it to free from political interferences and make its own financial decisions.

The institution, which is one of the most sought after institutions in the nation and provides medical to thousands of people monthly at relatively cheeper rates, was suffering from lack funds to extend its capacity and services.

Succumbing to enormous pressure from the TUTH officials and other activist, which claim Koirala can change the face of the institution, the government and TU Council decided to issue lump sum grants, increase the current benchmark of taking financial decisions and ultimately pave way for making it an autonomous institutions.

Following the assurances, sources at the institution hoped that Koirala would rejoin the institution as the council has also rejected his resignation.