Khanal says his party only can quash capitalist and radicals

CPN UML Chairman Jhalnath Khanal

KATHMANDU: CPN UML Chairman Jhalnath Khanal has claimed that his party only has the credentials and capacity to tackle capitalist and radical forces in the nation.

Speaking at a program in the capital on Sunday, Khanal stated that erstwhile Constituent Assembly could not draft the constitution because the UCPN Maoist dominated the majority.

He warned that the upcoming CA won’t also be able to draft the constitution if the Maoists were favored by the public.

Khanal opined that only ensuring majority to the CPN UML in the forthcoming elections will ensure the drafting of the new constitution.

On the occasion, Khanal defended the formation of Chief Justice led government and informed that preparations to hold CA elections by June were afoot.

He said that the date for the CA elections will be announced as soon as the new officials at the Election Commission take over their responsibilities.
He called on his party cadres and members to launch election campaign across the nation and to garner support for the party’s candidates in the upcoming CA elections.