From Pillar to Post: 11 Nepali dancers in Sri-Lankan quagmire


KATHMANDU: Popular social media fueled anti-VAW movement- #OccupyBaluwatar and #TIARape – has been raging in Nepal’s capital for some months now. But living conditions of Nepali women inside the country and outside the country remains “from pillar to post”.

A report from Sri Lankan Mirror has reported that as much as 11 Nepali dancers, who were in the island nation on a tourist visa, were arrested by local police from a local dance bar on March 18.

Though identification of these dancers has been withheld, the report claimed that the Nepali girls were detained from a dance club – Mujra Club -in Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4.

The report further claimed that no women police personals were used in conducting the raid and in detaining the Nepali dancers who were there on a tourist visa.

A follow up report by the same daily on March 19 claimed that these girls were handed over the Department of Immigration for deporting them back to Nepal.

The reported claimed that the girls were being deported as they were found to be working which their tourist visa restricts from.

Prior to this also, owner of the same dance bar had reported that a Nepali girl had ran away with his customer leaving her passport behind.

Whereabouts of the girl still remain unknown. The case has once questioned to the security of Nepali women working in and outside the nation and the procedures that the government is taking to ensure that Nepali females are not trafficked into other nations.

While the Occupy Baluwatar continues unabated, and government continues to turn its back on the demands, Nepali women continue to suffer- in and outside the country.