Nepal’s big parties to convince CPN-Maoist and others to take part in CA polls

KATHMANDU: The High Level Political Committee has decided to hold talks with the CPN-Maoist and some Madhesi political parties that are against the idea of holding CA polls by June to convince to participate in the polls. 

After a meeting of the committee today, CPN (UML) Bamdev Gautam said the meeting has come up with a decision to prod all the dissenting political parties for their participation in the upcoming CA polls to ensure the nationwide environment for the CA elections. 

“The nation has already decided to go for the CA election, the major political parties, government and EC have been making preparations,” he said and urged one and all to unite for the election. 

The committee has also decided to hold talks with the fringe political parties as various obstacles have been seen regarding the election, said UML Vice-chairman Gautam. 

“We will start the dialogue immediately once their time is fixed,” said Gautam. “Possibly, we will start talks today itself,” he added.