Nepal’s hardline communists claim shares in powers

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s hardliner CPN-Maoist’s leaders have warned of serious consequences if they were sidelined by the major political parties.

The four political parties are continuing the autocratic and authoritarian practice by governing the country in an unconstitutional way, CPN-Maoist Chair Mohan Baidhya said addressing a program in the capital on Saturday.

“The four parties lack constitutional recognition. They have handed over the strength to the bureaucrats. We would not attend the dialogue called by the parties having no strength,” he said.

Baidhya was of the opinion that country’s political deadlock would end only by the formation of a national unity government through a round table. He further warned to foil the elections at any expense if it is to be held at the strength of weaponry ignoring consensus.

On the occasion, party general secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa announced that the year 2070 BS would be the decisive year of revolution and that the revolution would build a new Nepal with independence by sabotaging the feudalist and bourgeois class.