5 Nepalese crushed in Mumbai building collapse

KATHMANDU: A Nepali family is reported to have been the victims of the recent building collapse in Thane district of Mumbai. According to Indian newspaper, The Times of India, five members of the same family were also the victims of the collapse.

Fire fighters identified the deceased as 32 year old Mujahid Raja,  Miladun (28), daughters Jalekha (8) and Rataya (6) and brother-in-law Akbar Ali (26)—to Mumbra when he learnt of flats becoming available at cheaper rates. after a 40 hour rescue operations.

Nepal address of the deceased has not ascertained till now. However, the report said that Mujahid had recently called his daughters and son-in law to assist him business.

He had hired an apartment in the illegal building due to its cheap cost.

Mujahid has been survived by son and parents who live in Nepal.

The collapse took 72 lives. Following the collapse Maharastra police has tightened its noose on such illegal structures.