Get shirty! Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s sheer daring as thin T-shirt maxi dress reveals a little too much

Kim Kardashian has come under fire for her pregnancy style – but she may not be to blame for her latest wardrobe malfunction

On Wednesday, she looked more content than ever as she visited a friend, dressed in a flowing black mullet dress and Grecian sandals.
However, the thin T-shirt fabric wasn’t quite thick enough to conceal the reality star’s burgeoning bustline.

Ki’s ample chest – which has ballooned in size – was clearly visible through the dress – and while it may seem ill-advised in her condition – she appeared to have gone braless as her nipples were clearly visible. The reality star appeared non-plussed by her sartorial issues and managed a smile as she made her way to her car with a protective hand on her stomach.

And Kim finished off her outfit by wearing her hair half tied away from her face in two loose plaits, and sported a cardigan to ensure she didn’t get chilly.