Pakistan’s Musharraf disqualified from election

PESHAWAR, Pakistan: Lawyers say judges have disqualified Pakistan’s former military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, from running in the upcoming parliamentary election.

Musharraf applied to run from four different districts, which is allowed in Pakistan.

Over a week ago, judges reviewing Musharraf’s nomination papers disqualified him from running in three districts because he suspended the constitution while in power. But a judge in the remote northern district of Chitral gave Musharraf approval to run.

Lawyer Taufiq Asif says he challenged the decision in Chitral because of Musharraf’s actions while in office and a three-member appellate tribunal disqualified the former military ruler from running on Tuesday. Musharraf can appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.

Musharraf returned to Pakistan last month after over four years in self-imposed exile to run in the May 11 election.