Prachanda is a deciever: Baidya


KATHMANDU: CPN Maoist Mohan Baidya aka Kiran has accused UCPN Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal of being an expert in deception.

Baidya, one time guru of Dahal in communism, apprised Prachanda as a man who is expert in playing double role to deceive others. He accused Dahal of always using this deceptive strategy for personal gains.

However, he cannot deceive people anymore. Everyone have recognized him, Baidya added.

Reflecting on the incidents that forced to break away from the Prachanda led party, Baidya said that he could not believe that Dahal would deceive as complained by his party comrades at that time. He conceded he realized that Dahal had in fact succumbed to imperialist, revisionist forces, especially Nepali Congress and CPN UML after a long while in the mainstream politics.

Baidya said Dahal had always tried to play the double agent role while dealing with NC and UML and his own party comrades trying to pacify party members’ concern by stating that the party will capture state power through peaceful and democratic means.

Stating that humans do have some flaws in character he expressed amazement at the extent to which Dahal changed his character and behavior after joining the mainstream politics.

Baidya expressed anguish towards Dahal claiming that he and his party had invested a lot in making him who he is now and added that it was painful to realize that the same person deceived and his team.


News Source in Nepali: http://goo.gl/CeiSi