Nepal’s Veep, government chief’s greeteeings on Loktantra Day

khil raj regmi

KATHMANDU: Loktantra Diwas, which marks the abolition of monarchy through Jana Andolan II is to be marked with different programs organised at the Army Pavilion on Wednesday.

In a message to mark the day, Vice President Parmanand Jha has said that today is marked as an unforgettable and highly prestigious day in Nepal’s democratic history for people’s courage to bring to ground the totalitarian power through the People’s Movement-2062/063 B.S.

On the occasion of the Seventh Democracy Day today, Vice President Jha has stated that today’s day was the beginning of Nepal’s journey to epoch-making changes.

“People’s representative and accountable democratic rule of system will be established strongly only if Constituent Assembly elections were held in stipulated time by incorporating all parties and sides, promoting dialogue and agreement,” the message reads.

Likewise, Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi has said that the Loktantra (democracy) achieved through the 2006/07 People’s Movement is a valuable asset in the context of taking forward the country towards progress.

In a message of best wishes given on the occasion of the Loktantra Day 2070 today, he said the democratic political system that is the outcome of the struggles waged by the Nepali people at different period in history is an important achievement.

In the message, Chairman Regmi has stated that it is inevitable to establish the system of governance as per the people’s aspirations by strengthening the democratic system and through institutional development of democracy in the background of the political changes that have taken place in Nepali’s history.

Nepalis should now no longer delay in building a prosperous future, Chairman of the Council of Ministers stated in his message, adding that history offered only a few opportunities to correct mistakes and shortcomings and if one moves away from this opportunity of correcting one’s mistakes remaining ineffective and immature, then the basis of building the future will always remain uncertain and directionless.

In the 21st century democracy has been accepted as the best political system for achieving civil liberty, human rights, the rule of law, and social, economic and cultural development which are the main objectives of the State, he said.

He has also pointed out the need of focusing our attention on political stability and the skillful management and running of the governance system for achieving development and economic prosperity in the present world context characterized by both opportunities and challenges.

In the present context, there is a need of working for institutionally strengthening democracy, and history has given us yet another opportunity and inspired us to propound a system through the constituent assembly as per the Nepali context and needs, Chairman Regmi stated.

He has also called upon all the political parties, professional and vocational organizations, the civil society, artistes, labourers, workers, civil servants, lawyers and the public to focus on constructive participation in the Constituent Assembly election on this glorious Day.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers Regmi has offered heartfelt condolences to all the known and unknown martyrs who laid down their lives for the establishment of democracy at times of various changes in the history of Nepal.

He has also highly evaluated the dedication and contribution of all the brave people who struggled for securing freedom, human rights, democracy and the rule of law and for the exercise of social justice, economic development and culture, forsaking personal interests with the aspirations of transforming the Nepali society in tune with the times being guided by nationality and national interests.