NC’s Paudel slams democrats for supporting Maoist on federalism issues

Ram Chandra Poudel

BIRGUNJ: Nepali Congress Vice President Ram Chandra Paudel has called on democratic parties for not supporting the UCPN-Maoist on federalism model.

Speaking at a program organized by Nepal Press Union on Saturday, Paudel warned that forming an alliance with the UCPN Maoist in the upcoming CA elections by the democratic parties would be unfortunate for the nations.
He accused the the UCPN Maoist was intending to impose a president led centralized model for federalism and stated that such a model cannot meet the aspirations of Nepalese people.

Paudel said that forces whose major agenda has been federalism should not support the Maoist, while hinting to the recent talks between the Maoist and the Madhesh based parties.
He also accused the UCPN Maoist of false hopes to the Madhesh and Ethnic based parties to garner a two-third majority in the CA polls.