In Delhi too Prachanda roots for trilateral economic ties

KATHMANDU: UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that trilateral economic cooperation in the development of Nepal involving her two friendly neighbours- India and China can be the foundation for prosperity of Nepal and Nepali people, which is not only in the best interest of Nepal but, equally, in the best interests of India and China.

Addressing a gathering of foreign policy experts, strategists and renowned academics of India, and friends and well-wishers of Nepal organized by the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) in New Delhi on Monday, Chairman Dahal, who is currently on a four-day visit to India, said in the changed global and regional context and ever growing economic relations between India and China, trilateral cooperation in various mutual projects in Nepal was possible and would not be a distant dream.

“It is our vision for the future and, let me make it very clear that by no means I wish to undermine or replace our bilateral relations so happily subsisting for centuries,” he said while expressing the belief that only by promoting bilateral co-operation between the neighbours the basis for a trilateral co-operation would and could be created.

Having two rapidly growing economies in the neighbourhood, it would be rather unfathomable for Nepal to remain under-developed, poor and backward, he added.

He also argued that Nepal’s economic development would herald political stability in the country which, in the long run, would contribute to ensuring and addressing the security concerns of India and China.

“My contention has been crystal clear and, that is, a prosperous and developed Nepal is the best way to ensure security, peace and stability in the region,” Dahal said.

Pointing out the need for positive definition of history of Nepal-India relations, Chairman Dahal said he would like to see the bilateral relations develop on the basis of true friendship, cordiality and mutual cooperation.

Nepal is very much aware of India’s security concerns and it adopts a firm policy of not allowing any activity against its friendly neighbours from its soil.