Lokman Singh is Ok to be CIAA Chief

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Supreme Court on Monday cleared all the obstacles surrounding Lokman Singh against his appointment as the head of anti-graft body. The SC voiced against continuing the interim order issued earlier in relation to the proposed appointment of former Chief Secretary Lokman Singh Karki to the post of the Chief Commissioner of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA).

A single bench of Justice Sushila Karki stated that there was no dispute over the provision that an individual with high qualification and moral conduct must be recommended to the post of CIAA Chief, as per the required legal provision.

“As it would not be right for the Court to express its view in relation to the eligibility or non-eligibility of any particular individual in an immature circumstance and also to intervene over the constitutional duty of the Constitutional Council, the interim order issued on March 22 need not be continued”, reads the verdict.